Monday, 8 February 2010


I'll never understand why people are so prejudice against what someone thinks and feels in their mind. For instance, someone recently said on a forum that all paedophiles need help and should be in a mental institution...why? Just because they have a sexual attraction they can't help?

If they were acting upon said urges, fair enough, but just for what they think in their mind...that's a crime, how?

Not long ago in western civilisation it was normal for a youngster to marry a middle aged person. It is still the norm in some countries (i.e. Middle Eastern countries) today. Back then, in our part of the world, marrying off young girls to rich males was a way to earn respect and status for the family. Also, as people did not live as long as they do now, it made sense to marry and procreate early to continue on the family line. Also, it doesn't help nowadays youngsters are tarting themselves up to make themselves look older than they are, especially when you can even get bikinis for baby girls nowadays, I mean a baby girl, come on? A bikini top is for BOOBS, do baby girls have them? No, so why make things that are meant for teenagers-adults for babies? Ridiculous. They also make tarty underwear with images of high heels on and what not for young the point it's sickening and no wonder some are bordering paedophilia.

Also, paedophilia does make sense in a sexual sense: vulnerability, innocence, pureness are all things that are sexually attractive to some, be it young or old 'victims'.

Anywho, someone thinking sexual thoughts about children and what not harms nobody, so stop bitching about it, jeez.


  1. Pedophilia actually refers to people attracted to prepubescent children- the marriages you are talking about are to adolescents, not children. People might call that pedophiilia but they would be wrong. Deoending on the age it would be hebephilia (attraction to pubescent yoth) or ephebophilia (attraction to older adolescents.

    There is very little statistical info on how many people are attracted to children who do not act on it because it is not something people readily admit to. There have been studies that showed that a percentage of men were physically aroused by naked pictures of young children. I can't find the study right now though.

  2. There were and are marriages to children:

    There was this 20 something year old who had a baby with and married a 10 yr old.

    It doesn't matter about stats, all that matters is what a person thinks in their mind harms nobody unless they act upon it.

  3. So a person that thinks about torturing people does not need mental help? Or better yet, a person who is sexually aroused by the thought of torturing someone does not need help?

    What leads to actions anyway?

    Would you trust your child with a man/woman who is sexually attracted to young children?

  4. No they do not need mental help because I can guarantee you many people would love to do harm to certain others but don't because it's either illegal, not in their nature etc. Countless times you read on animal abuse/human abuse reports in the comments section how the commenters would love to 'torture' the perpurtrator.

    Thinking is a lot different from doing. Condemn the actions, not the thoughts. I don't have children and never will, but if I did, I wouldn't give a damn what the person thought secretly in their head. As long as they're good carers and don't carry those thoughts onto actions, there's no reason not to trust them.

    By your logic we can't let anybody with depression have children because they might get PPD after childbirth and be at risk to the children just because of what they THINK.

    As long as someone isn't harming the animal/human without due cause, then there's no harm in them thinking about these things. You can't lock someone up just because they think certain things that people are conditioned by society to shun.

  5. No one is being locked up for what they think and I am not suggesting that.

    I'm not even mad that someone might think something, however negative thoughts can lead to negative actions. If a person has sexual desires towards children, and thinks about acting on those feelings...he or she ought to get help rather than inflict suffering on a child that will hurt them for the rest of their life in a lot of cases.

    If a person gets off on the idea of hurting someone by raping them, then there is something there that needs to be addressed. This is not condoning, this is prevention

  6. You're making the assumption that just because someone thinks the way they do they're going to follow through with it. You're also claiming thinking certain thoughts = needing help. It's clear that thinking about doing something and doing something are two different things entirely. Why is it that hard to understand.

    Also who are you to tell someone what they think is wrong when they're not acting out said thought in real life? Just because it isn't considered normal for people to be turned on by rape and violence doesn't make it wrong to think about it. Rape situations is something that a couple may roleplay in a consentual way or a person may play in their head whilst masturbating. There is no harm in either because nobody is being forced against their will to do something they don't want.

    When someone starts setting about do do something other than thinking about it, fair enough, but let people alone if they're just keeping it in their mind.

  7. I am not saying that you should be held accountable for your thoughts, people have negative thoughts and they can overcome those thoughts. You’re right that what we do is more important and essentially the only thing that we can be held accountable for, I have not argued against that.

    I do however believe that people’s thoughts are a more accurate representation of who they really are. As for a person that is sexually aroused by rape, while the person is not actually raping someone they are excited by rape. Rape is an act of violence against another human being, rape is something that hurts people, while a person might not act on those desires the fact of the matter is that he or she finds the thought of inflicting violence against a person as being arousing even though the event would be life altering for the victim…which makes me cautious of the person to say in the least, especially when it comes to an individual who continues to aid on that desire rather than try to overcome it.

    Basically someone who is excited by rape is not someone I would want to be around.
    Also at the beginning of your blog you mentioned that you’re essentially tired of people criticizing pedophiles, the person was probably referring to a person who has actually acted upon those desires. At least that’s what most people mean when they mention pedophiles.

  8. I've already pointed out that rape is often a masturbatory thought aid or a roleplay aid within a couples sexual life so it's not like it's an uncommon occurance - a bit like paedophilia it's the 'vulnerable' side of things that make it exciting - i.e. handcuffed to the bed is a very common asset in sexual roleplay; this is showing vulnerability similar to the vulnerability of a child or rape victim. That said, if someone thought about rape in a sexual way like the examples I gave it would not bother me at all to be around that person. There is nothing wrong with thinking certain things - yet you seem to think there is. Hell, women have admitted, albeit via anonymous surveys ( that they fantasize about rape. I'm sure men fantasize just as much. Nothing wrong with it at all.

    Also, in many debate topics about paedophilia on the net on forums, I've seen many people state that even those who just think about it should be locked up. Hence my blog post.

  9. I generally agree with you most of the time on nearly everything and I wouldn’t even say that we’re exactly disagreeing here exactly just on a few minor, but important, details. I don’t think anyone should be locked up over, that is extreme.

    If a person has sexual desires for children, I can have some amount of sympathy towards the person if they cannot control it and it’s certainly not a desire that they can or should ever fulfill- and if you think about it, having a sexual desire that you cannot ever fulfill might be hard. At the same time, I wouldn’t leave them alone with a child and essentially put the child in harm’s way just to illustrate how tolerant I am of people with these sexual desires.

    I cannot, however, sympathize with the individuals who basically “embrace” their pedophilia by essentially catering to those desires by looking at child porn (cartoon, legal kind that is), reading pedophilia related books, looking at pictures of naked children…I have no sympathy for these people.

    Acting out helplessness is one thing (and I don't see handcuffs as rape related exactly). However, if they genuinely believe that child/adult sexual relations are wrong and try to not aid to those thoughts…then there isn’t a lot to be said. If any of this sounds extreme on my part, it’s because I’m extremely against child abuse.

  10. Never said you said people should be locked up, but other people have said it.

    I also see nothing wrong with harmless LEGAL mediums such as hentai/cartoon child porn, books (I have read fictional books and non fictional books that have involved paedophilia - it doesn't make me wierd though), etc.

    I'm not sure how one could obtain pictures of other peoples children naked legally unless some wierdo parents feel the need to post bathtime children pics on facebook for some reason.

    I was using handcuffs as an example of having power over someone and the feeling of helpnessless which is a common feeling with paedophilia and rape.

    You can be against child abuse and still not chastise those who have different sexual thought patterns to yours. Again, I am only talking about those who just keep it in their head, as I fully explained in the blog post with this line:

    "If they were acting upon said urges, fair enough, but just for what they think in their mind...that's a crime, how?"

    Hell, even looking a young girls can be seen as norm in some cultures like Japan and their picture books, etc. Beckii Cruel - a 14 yr old British girl recently became a pop sensation in Japan and has a photobook out. Her demographic for fans are mostly older men when it comes to her dance videos and photobooks.

    Anyways, to summarise, thinking about it, I couldn't give a hoot. Their mind, their conscience, their right. Acting upon it is a whole different ball game. Just as I would condemn rapists who act out their fantasies for real - not roleplay. Same goes for those into beastiality, etc. But if they're just thinking about it as a sexual aid for masturbation I really could care less.

  11. I guess we'll just have to disagree on this. I could never be with someone who had these sexual desires, especially if they entertained them.